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All items have their names stored in the item data itself. The only thing I can think of that would cause this is you loading the wrong rom in VBA. Trust me, it is very easy to do. Ummm, take that offset you found in HxD, tack "08" onto the front of it, open the memory viewer in VBA (tools->memory viewer) and go to that offset. Make sure that your change is actually there in the loaded rom.
I just checked, it's the de-capitalised name. It's very weird. My only guess is the fact that the Enigma Berry is special in that it's a placeholder for the E-Reader berries, though they could be only downloaded to Ruby and Sapphire and couldn't be traded, so I see no reason for special coding (actually, scrap that, FireRed is a highly modified copy of Ruby). And beside that, if a text is displayed in the game, it must exist in the ROM. I'm no ASM genius, though and I might be wrong on that.

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