What happens if I push it?....

Do you really want to know? Really?
Seen January 12th, 2015
Posted December 14th, 2014
I just checked, it's the de-capitalised name. It's very weird. My only guess is the fact that the Enigma Berry is special in that it's a placeholder for the E-Reader berries, though they could be only downloaded to Ruby and Sapphire and couldn't be traded, so I see no reason for special coding (actually, scrap that, FireRed is a highly modified copy of Ruby). And beside that, if a text is displayed in the game, it must exist in the ROM. I'm no ASM genius, though and I might be wrong on that.
No, you're right in the sense that it must exist in the rom, though it might be mangled, with a random byte in the middle or something. Try editing the other berries. See if it is just that one.

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