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Thanks SO MUCH to everyone coming back and saying they liked the game. Cheers for playing!

Are there at least gen 4 evolutions in game. I do like the idea of keeping it to the gen 1,2,3 pokemon but I would like those others as well. It's only like ten or so. You could also play more around with the Porygon devolve thing by adding in Porygon Z
Any mons with new third stages are already stronger, I might add this if I have time over easter (unlikely). If I added anything from the new gens it would defs be some of the newer moves, rather than the new evos! They add way more variety than a mini stat boost for an old pokemon.

There was a lot of grinding, but I managed to beat it!
My team:

Also, why does Wallace have a
Jirachi? It kinda threw me off a bit lol

One last thing, how can I get all of the legendaries?
Love the shiny linoone dude!

I wanted to throw people off! Thought a wild card would give the battle a more "champion" feel.

I think the way to get all legends is in the first post, right?

Hey just wanted to know that I've been having great fun playing your rom hack as a fan of the third generation games. I've been using a murkrow throughout my playthrough and he's currently at level 37, how do I make him evolve? Normally, you would get a dusk stone but those don't exist apparently so where would I get them?
He can't evolve, but his base stats are already up there with honchkrow's if i recall correctly!

Yo I Have been playing your hack Pokemon Emerald 2 and I thoroughly enjoy it but I have one complaint I cannot seem to jump sideways with the arcobike so can you give me more specific instructions for the keyboard not controller, Thank you, Phantom.
This shouldn't have changed, but you have to be really precise with pressing the buttons at exactly the same time.

Good edits! I enjoyed playing it a lot. At first I wondered why dragon was weak to poison, but it didn't really have a great impact on anything really, neither did the ice or water thing haha, really appreciated some of the changes you made.
Dragon weak against poison really that's just retarded af ice and waterms should be super effective against each other since ice melts if the water isn't cold enough to match and ice freezes water not even gonna try this hack because of the dragon thing you made a mockery of dragons and poison types
If you read the thread there's actually a post I made a while back with a patch that reverts this specific change. I've now put it in the main one.

"since ice melts if the water isn't cold enough" is expert use of science, but have you considered that water freezes if the water isn't hot enough???????????

Where is there a location of the thick club for cubone?
It's a hidden item in Corgeit chamber (route 111/113), and also very common on wild cubone I think? Have fun with my homeboy!

First of all I want to say I really love this hack, right now I'm at the elite 4 but haven't beaten them yet. Throughout playing the game you get to understand how much time was spent editing and refining it to perfection. I've played different emerald "improvement" hacks, but they all felt quite repetitive while your hack gives a fresh breath on the concept of emerald by slightly changing a bunch of things.

Now for my question: I was wandering through victory road trying to find all the items and battle all the trainers when I entered up getting teleported to a weird part of rusturf tunnel by entering a cave. When I followed the path to a new exit, I teleported to a wall section of seafloor cavern and after crossing a weird jumbled up bunch of stairs I got teleported to a stair in a black space next to new mauville. There I could walk around a bit but the path seems to end there ...

Is there some kind of meaning or secret I missed here or was it more of an accident? I would love to find out more!
This isn't a bug, it's actually normal/flying. Try heading upwards in the dark patch. There's a map (of sorts) in the seafloor cavern section.
Play Altered Emerald here!

Thanks to DizzyEgg and the EBEU team for the battle engine, features, and dynamic expansion, lu-ho for a-map, gamer2020 for pge, Microsoft Windows for Task Manager, about 5 different hex editors, Chaos rush for sprites and an animation disable tutorial, Spherical Ice for several excellent asm routines, Neon Skylar for Pokemon data past gen 3, YAPE while it lasted, Scizz, Knizz, darthatron's numerous tools, hackmew, Chronosplit and yall for playing.

Altered Emerald is off on break for a bit now. This patch is looking really nice and polished, so it's staying up for a while.