Seen June 7th, 2018
Posted June 7th, 2018
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Well. I've gone as far as the Normal gym before I had it with this hack.

Scyther was absolute garbage becauss you messed with his moveset and he didn't have wing attack in his 20's like Bulbapedia said.

Crawdaunt too, lacked water moves. Heck, I had to use WATER GUN when he was 32. No idea why you decided to change the movesets of Pokemons to render them useless.

Then the Normal gym, the lasy straw. The puzzles were frustrating enough to do once, but to do it multiple times in order to clear doors, heal, and all that is just an unnecessary annoyance. There isn't even any instruction pointing out what the colours and orientations meant.

Almost gave up at the bridge with the sideways hop. I read here you needed to press them at the same rime, but the sign didn't say that.

Sorry, but your 5 years seem a bit wasted.