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Posted April 7th, 2019
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~Hack Info~
Title: Pokémon LeafYellow
Creator: PKMNTrainerGui

Rom Base: Pokémon Fire Red 1.0 (Squirrels)
LeafYellow's region is inspired in the Brazil contry (country where I live)

~Hack Story~

You are a 12 year old boy who is about to join the Pokémon League. And along with their rival, they explore the entire region of Silbra. But strange events occur during your journey. Because of Team Spirit’s guilt, you and your rival Ryotaro help stop Team Spirit and continue the peace of the Silbra region.

~Features~[LIST][*]New history.[*]New music.[*]New characters.[*]Day and night system[*]New Trainer Sprites.[*]New scripts, events and secrets to discover.[*]New additional Pokémon.[*]Much more in the new betas!/LIST]
~Used Programs~
[*]Advance Map
[*]Sappy and Mid2agb
[*]Cry Editor
[*]Hopeless Trainer Editor (HTE)
[*]Advance Text
[*]Intro Manager
[*]Intro Text Editor
[*]HXD Hex Editor
[*]Overworld Editor Rebirth Edition


[B]There is a bug with Town Map, but it does not disturb anything in the gameplay.

~Upcoming Features~
[B]Mega-Evolution (If anyone knows how to put the Mega-Evolution, I'll be very grateful!)
[B]New tilesets and sprites;


[B]Here is!:


All of the creators of the programs

Diegoisawesome's HUGE XSE scripting tutorial

The DS sprites 64x64 by ChaosRush

Day and night system by jambo51

For the Pokémon Company and Nintendo to making the game


Update 03/03/19:

Fixed some bugs with sprites, maps and dialogs.


I made a trailer, but when the hack is complete I will make another improved and more beautiful..

I hope all of you enjoy the hack! (And sorry for the english, I'm brazillian).
Bye bye!