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Posted April 7th, 2019
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I know this hack is still very early in development, and you might be changing some things, but some suggestions:

-The game's name is pretty uninspired. Especially since they have nothing to do with Leaf Green or Yellow as far as I can tell.
-The spritework is pretty bad. I think some practice could go a long way (what's up with the female intro sprite, the male protags hair, etc)
-For a Brazil-based region, I heavily question the Japanese names you gave everyone. Gives off a weeaboo vibe.
-Back on the sprites, consider making some customs for the protags since edited Red and Leaf is very very 2006. As they are now they actively look worse than the originals.

And a question:
Are you going to use FRLG tiles, or do you have plans for some custom tiles?

Either way, as it is right now I can only assume you are new to ROM hacking, best of luck. Please consider some of the suggestions, they will make the game look much more appealing for more people.

1_The name LeafYellow come from Brazil, because have the amazonic forest and yellow from the Green and Yellow colors, representing the colors of Brazil.

2_The sprites, If you have suggestions of what I can do I would be very grateful as I am new to hack rom.

3_The japanese names, I wanted to choose them because the Progs are Japanese descendants. But I understand you.

4_The Backsprites, I made ones in the DS style. But I choosed the FRLG style. I'm going to use the DS sprites.

5_Yes. I'm going to insert new tiles. The DPPT or the HGSS tiles.

Thanks for the rewiew! I hope with your evaluation I improve enough! Thank you!

And sorry for the english, I'm brazillian.