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Originally Posted by Dawn-Berlitz View Post
i have been saying she deserves her own show she became a super popular character who is real cute and a real charming personality
I agree with you, Dawn made a huge impact on the anime by having lots of Ash-like characteristics.

- Piplup stays out of its Poke Ball (similar to Pikachu)
- Both Dawn and Ash have owned a member of the Cyndaquil line
- Dawn saw a Legendary Pokemon at the start of her journey (Ash saw Ho-Oh, Dawn saw Mesprit)
- Dawn and Ash each have a rodent-based Electric-type Pokemon
- Dawn and Ash have known mothers but no information on their fathers
- Dawn and Ash are based on player characters of the main series games based in their region
- Dawn and Ash are the only characters to not be a Gym Leader nor related to one (Tracey may also fit this category, but his family's details are unknown as this stage)
- Dawn and Ash have each trained the same Aipom and Buizel (Aipom has since evolved into Ambipom after getting traded to Dawn)
- Dawn and Ash pursue similar goals (Ash participates in Gym Battles and League while Dawn participates in Contests and Grand Festival)
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