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@ConorBroekhart, you had repointed the moves tables, didn't you? You have to edit the ini file with the new offsets. Talking about the ini file...
@Gamer2020, Yeah... I have tons of ini files in my tools folder, yours was the best among them so I took it, I didn't meant to steal it or anything, I actually thought it was used by several tools that's why I didn't think about giving credits to anyone... Do you want me to stop using it? Or should I simply just give you credit?

As of the "developpement" of G3T, I've fixed a little "bug" in the Moves Editor (nothing to worry about at all!) and I added a customization feature that allows you to customize the content of the dropboxes (useful for people who have new moves, types, ...etc) I also added a 2nd tool, Anti-Exploud, it is meant to help hackers easily replace some pieces of text, mainly for decapitalisation, I had made this tool a long time ago to decapitalize some text in my own hack, I made it now a little faster and added it to G3T.

Stay tuned.
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