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    "It's okay, everything will be fine."
    Bus Stop

    Minutes past for a short float onward led her and her companions to a brighter disposition. As if a terrible storm had dissipated entirely, the sky that greeted them was an exquisite blue gradient. The sun was absent through first sight. Yet, it was evidently there, it was just raised too high for anyone to reach it now. But have anyone ever felt what it feels like to touch that? It might sounded ridiculous, but the thought remained. If they had the chance within their grasp, would they do it?

    Cross-armed, Reanne sat straightly still on her Pokémon, feeling her long hair gently tugged constantly by Mary from the back. Mary seemed to have done a great job at grooming Reanne's hair, strand by strand, to what it should've been formerly. At least, her effort made Reanne's hair to be weighed down by gravity, some of it fluttering as the warm breeze came spreading across the open canyon. After engaging a successful proposal, Reanne remained silent as the others, one after another, had exchanged their names--including Tex the Slowbro as an unnecessary bonus. Her sleepy gaze wasn't exactly a nonchalant display of laziness or running out of nice things to say. Instead, the subject just became more interesting when they added even more things related to what they've been just through.

    There were earthquakes? I didn't feel anything when I was doing this contest thing. The two sisters didn't mention anything about it either... The thought remained inside her mind, whereas she blinked as if she remembered something obscure, ...Ah, it must be them being too far apart from Shimmer. Should I explain it to them? She paused a bit before continuing, ...Nah, there's no need. Maybe next time.

    A moment later, Reanne heard a light whisper from her back. It was Mary, who happily volunteered to tidy her hair as a mutual sign. She turned to face her, "Seeing stuff nobody else can, eh..." It didn't appear as obvious to her, but her mind was elsewhere when she thought of see-through matters. It must've been hard for Rose to see things she didn't ask for. So hard that Reanne would actually like to have the same ability as well. She might not be too gifted in terms of inheritance or the like, thus, the thought envied her that she didn't realize she was making a weird face.

    "Eh heh, um, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Reanne's voice sounded reluctant as she tried to quickly divert what she had in mind, "Mm, I'm not the one who could really comment anything about one's possession. You know your sister more than I do, after all. In return, I..." Reanne winked reassuringly at Mary, "...have nothing to hide either. What you see of me is what I am." She continued, "Back to what you're doing, I must say that a thanks won't be enough to express my gratitude. You saved me the trouble of doing such tedious work, so I will do anything for you. How about that?" She dared herself, without thinking much of what could happen if she were to say that to anyone else.

    As soon as she did, Reanne noticed one of the Trainers who took the questioning to the others. Deciding to hop in, she answered, "I come here to find out about what kind of contest is this. It does sound like fun." She giggled.

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