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    Hours pass as the bus finally pulls into the station. The bus honks it's horn as the group kicking the dirt take notice. Joseph Boards the bus anhd yells at everyone that the bus arrived. As Joseph climbs aboard the steel machine and walks towards the back, Releasing Caboose from his pokeball and feeding him a little food he picked up from the local mart.

    (Note: This is for when players post boarding and arriving)

    The bus travels a short few miles as a barren land gains shades of grass as the sun dips low over the horizon as a hot pink light comes up from over the distance. Neon signs everywhere, attracting everyone to a casino, a piano or jazz club, minor arcades, love hotels and get-hitched churches. "This is Lux Bravio?.... The world..... It's just an over-glorified city of light s.... does anyone ever sleep there?"

    As the bus stops, and the group get's off, there is music in the air with electronic trumpet fanfare coming from the entrance to the city with a banner for Pokemon Earth and Sky hanging above and a speaker coming up on stage. The speaker was a slim man with greasy hair, a stylish white tuxedo, white gloves wearing a pair of rose tinted colored glasses that seemed to reflect like mirror shades. He began to address the short crowd from a small stage in the center as the speakers in the city began to crack at his voice before the vocals came in, the entire city was addressed at once."All trainers! I welcome you to Lux Bravio! The city that never sleeps and never wakes! Don't ask me who calls it that, I just work here! I also welcome you to out first competition in hope's to attract the pokemon league comity out here to our land to get some business driving in. Earth and Sky does not work like most contest's, you do not enter our 'champions' indigo plateau unless you perform one of the few actions." He holds up a pokerchip. "By dawn, if you return to the city entrance and claim you are in the contest, you'll be given a stamp with special ink an a bag of these poker chips, 10 of them. From here you can wager your chips against other trainers and either lose or win more. The trainer with 100 chips earns themselves an entry into the championship. You can also gamble these tokens in our casinos or many arcades and win your entry into the championship if your lucky enough. You can also buy your way in, though these chips are about $10,000 each if you buy from us. IT will be better to earn them yourself. Don't spend them all in one place!" He chuckles a little and sighs. "If you loose all of your chips, it doesn't mean game over. There is another method! Our there in the wild, there area treasures being guarded by a few factions of the locals who may refer to as the tribes. If you are able to attain 1 of these treasures, you attain immediate entry in the championship. If you attain 2 or 3 of those treasures, you can face the elites yourself without having to go through the trouble of fighting in the tournament. If you or say, a group of friends attain or locates all 5 of them for yourself, the contest ends and you will be declared as an instant winner where you'll receive the grand mystery prize!!!... And I promise you, the prize ain't some mystery box or something that one would refer as chump change like the tickets for our comedy club. It is something big and for all you know, it could be claiming the entire city of Lux Bravio for yourself.... Or maybe a legendary pokemon? Maybe we'll clear some land to build a new city! Bigger and better than Lux Bravio to have your own Pokemon gym to symbolize you and others have arrived!.... Runner's up will receive a cash compensation. To all of you trainers out there, good hunting!... Also for the contest participants, The love hotels Garmans Love House, Jynx's Hide Away and Smoochum's Playroom have been instructed to give trainers a free night; on us! Food and snacks will be provided until 9AM in the morning; from there you'll need to pay your way in. Whether to get your freak on or grab some shut-eye after a long trip. We could care less! Enjoy!" The speaker bows and steps off of his stage as he disappears into the lights.

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