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    Johto Log 7

    Talk about a weird day... It started normal with me going to earn my next badge, and ended with me back in Goldenrod, trying to figure out how to break up Team Rocket again.

    But I should start from the beginning. I flew back to Ecruteak City this morning to start for Mahogany Town. The route was short and involved surfing over those small lakes. However, there was a strip of land in the middle, and when I landed on it, I heard a strange yet familiar cry. I saw a small path blocked by some bushes, which Krabby cut aside.

    Behind that was a clearing, and in that clearing was Suicune. It dashed up to me, then swiftly fled east. Right after, Eusine showed up. The poor guy always seems to miss Suicune by just seconds. He babbled more about Suicune's grace and stuff, then swore to never stop following it until he found out what it wanted. Secretly, I figured it wanted him to stop following it.

    I reached Mahogany Town shortly after. It was another one of Johto's quaint villages. It reminded me a bit of New Bark Town, except with more rugged terrain surrounding it.

    I tried to enter the Gym, but some fat guy stopped me and made idle chat about a mysterious figure going to and from the Lake of Rage. This brought up my own suspicions, and I was off to this Lake of Rage place.

    I was heading up the trail and I saw a gate house. I figured that if this lake was such a tourist attraction, there would be a toll for passage. I snuck around through some dense forest instead.

    The path was kind of confusing since I left the main trail, so I ended up in a separate area of the lake. It seemed that the lake had gotten too high and had flooded the area. I was able to surf my way around through a maze of trees sticking out of the water.

    I landed on the opposite side of the lake, near a lone house. The guy inside stopped meditating to give me TM 10, then he went right back to meditation. What a hermit. A hard core hermit, but still a hermit.

    I got back to the main part of the lake to find a large red Gyarados rampaging around. Yeah, that's right. Red. I was confused, but if anything, I knew this was rare. I had to catch it.

    After a short battle and a few Ultra Balls, the Gyarados was mine. Sweetness, if I do say so myself.

    After I caught it, I found a Red Scale of its floating around in the water. I picked it up, examined it, and threw it into my bag. It might fetch a high price later.

    I headed back to the shore, when suddenly I saw the mystery guy that the fat dude in front of the Gym was talking about. He was reading the sign while his Dragonite stood next to him, obviously curious as to what his trainer was doing.

    Turns out it was Lance, from the Pokémon League. He was here investigating the strange goings on and the odd Gyarados rampage. He asked me to help him investigate what was going on around here. I wondered that myself, so I agreed.

    He told me that the Magikarp were being forced into evolution by some strange radio signal from Mahogany. Then he mentioned the souvenir shop. He told me he'd be waiting for me in Mahogany, then flew off on his Dragonite.

    I followed him back, but I wanted to hit the Gym first. Unfortunately, the fat guy was still in the way, so I entered the souvenir shop. By the way, the sign was the only thing I needed to see to understand why it was suspicious. Never advertise that your shop is not suspicious.

    Inside, I see Lance's Dragonite blast some guy aside, then Lance revealed a secret staircase. That's totally not suspicious at all. No way.

    Down the stairs was a huge basement complex, and there were these strange Persian statues everywhere. However, the eyes were glowing red. Still not suspicious at all. I stepped in front of the statues, and suddenly I was attacked by two Rocket grunts. I beat them easily, and they told me that the statues had cameras in them. They also mentioned a switch to shut them off.

    I found the switch easily. It was behind a scientist, and it was a digital switch on the computer. After I shut that off, no more Rocket grunts attacked me. And thankfully, there were no more stupid spinning tiles of doom! I can't say how thankful I was to find out that there weren't any.

    I went down the next set of stairs to find Lance waiting for me. He gave Psycho some special medicine that got him back to perfect health. Then he continued on, as did I. There was a door that had a sign on it that said "Radio Transmitter", but it was locked. A Rocket grunt I battled a little bit after the door said it required some passwords.

    Lance found out that to open that door, we'd need to get some executive named Petrel. But his chamber was locked and also needed passwords, so we split up to figure out what they were. I battled a bunch of people, until I finally found one lady who told me that one password was SlowpokeTail. Of course.

    The other guy I found told me the second password after I beat him senseless. It was RaticateTail. What is Team Rocket's sudden obsession with tails?

    I maneuvered through the hideout until I finally found where Petrel's room was. However, as I approached the door, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around just in time to see Danny come around the corner. He said he wasn't surprised to see me here. Then he asked who the guy in the cape was, and said that he was beaten easily by the guy. He was all upset about it, and I could see his inner emo loser coming out. Then he shoved me back and left. I swear, one of these days I'm gonna lose control and order Psycho to smash him out of existence.

    I got back up and brushed myself off. I suppressed my anger and turned around to go confront the Rocket executive. However, when I opened the door, I saw Giovanni. Except it wasn't Giovanni. It was Petrel dressed up like Giovanni. Clever bastard. He told me the password, but then reminded me that only his voice could open the door.

    The battle with him was swift and easy. A Zubat, a Koffing, and a Raticate all fell to Metal Claw. Too easy.

    Petrel was still smug, even after he lost. He knew that, without him, I couldn't get into the transmitter room. Then he fled. However, a Murkrow that was in the room ran up to me and said, in an exact mimic of Petrel's voice, 'Hail Giovanni'. Then it took off as well. I gave chase, thinking that I could use that Murkrow to get into the radio transmitter.

    It almost seemed like the Murkrow was waiting for me, because I would see it every so often, and when I got close, it shouted the password and ran off, towards the transmitter room. When I finally got to the locked door, the Murkrow was already there, and right as I arrived, it shouted out the password. There was a long pause, and I almost thought it wouldn't work. Then the lock clicked open and the door slid away.

    I started to walk into the room, when suddenly a lady with bright red hair and another faceless grunt stopped me. She called herself Ariana, and was about to challenge me to a two on one battle. Suddenly, Lance showed up and offered to battle with me.

    The battle was easy. The grunt's Pokémon were nothing special, and Ariana's Pokémon were just as easy, only a few levels higher.

    Ariana was upset that she lost, but then she mentioned that the test was still a success, and that they were on to the main part of the plan. That didn't sound good at all. Lance apologized for not helping out more, he saw how I was doing and hung back. He examined the transmitter, and saw no off switch. The only way to shut it off was to take out the power source, I.E. the Electrodes. We split the job; I took the left while he took the right.

    There was no trouble in beating the Electrodes, they all fell like a poorly built house of cards. After taking all mine out, I walked back to the front of the machine to see how Lance was doing. He had just finished as well. He told me that the signal had been shut off, so everything was all good. Then he gave me HM 05, saying he had no use for it himself. It was Whirlpool, according to him, and since I didn't have that HM, I thanked him. Then he took off.

    I left that crazy place as well, glad to be back outside. I noticed that the fat guy was no longer in front of the Gym, so I went right on in.

    The Gym was frigid. Psycho didn't feel a thing, but I sure did. The floors were even frozen over. I was able to slip and slide my way across the floors, using ice blocks and walls to stop myself. As I went on, the puzzles got harder, but I kept going until I was finally in front of Pryce, the Gym Leader.

    Battling Pryce was a little tougher than I thought. His Seel withstood a Shadow Ball, so I predicted that Pryce's next move would be to use a Hyper Potion, and it was. Psycho countered with a Psychic, and Seel easily fell to that. His next Pokémon, a Piloswine, wasn't messing around either. It somehow withstood a Psychic, and hit Psycho with a super effective Mud Bomb. However, it didn't see the Hammer Arm that Psycho followed up with. Lastly was his Dewgong, who was able to dodge the first Hammer Arm, but couldn't duck the second. It was down for the count after that.

    Pryce complimented me on my skill, just like Lance did, and handed me the Glacier Badge and TM 07, Hail.

    Right as I left the Gym (I'm starting to see a recurring pattern here), Prof. Elm called me. He asked how I was, then told me that the radio stations were talking about Team Rocket. I flipped on the radio, and sure enough, that's what was happening. I flew off to Goldenrod immediately.

    So here I am. Now all I have to do is figure out how the heck to get into the radio tower, now that Team Rocket has it blocked off.

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