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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

    It's not that comical... I feel they made flying gym leaders overpowered =D
    True, but still. A full team of electric types should never lose to a bunch of birds unless she has a Dragonite with Earthquake or something.

    Originally Posted by Twilight-kun View Post
    since the PWT isn't really internationally competitive like the Battle Tournament, I bet there are codes and what-not that allow you to use Legendaries

    stupid rules that don't let us have any fun

    what's next, banning Legendary Pokemon from being able to battle the Elite Four? >.>
    I don't think banning super strong legendaries is bad at all. It would be lame if we could just destroy them with Mewtwo or Arceus. I guess if you find no competition fun...
    And what do you mean by "Internationally competitive?" NA/EU won't want it as much? Are you insane? We've been waiting for this for ages.

    Thanks for that info though XanderO. Still trying to EV train before going back in PWT.