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    Originally Posted by Flamebot View Post
    I cant get the item for the man to give to the lady anymore. xD.
    Yeah, haha, lol. That's not available in Checkpoint 1.1, but will be in Checkpoint 1.2.
    Originally Posted by Chiveskirk View Post
    Iam very interested in the storyline. I would love to show myself supporting this with a nice banner.
    Thanks for the support!
    Originally Posted by Benjamin85 View Post
    it looks awesome with much better graphics.everyone will enjoy it.I am much interested in story line.
    97% of the items in this game are going to be renamed and given new graphics (in beta 3) in order to give the game an even fresher feeling. And new items, evolutionary stones and whatnot will be created.

    Possibly, I'll try to make new Pokeballs!

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