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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

    Accatosh heard what Penance said, it didn't take long for him to realize what Penance was doing, planing to free Scar. Accatosh swallowed his attacks letting the remaining dragon energy escape through his nostrils as smoke.

    Accatosh then closed his eyes and controlled his breathing. He focused on the Palkian energies and started to workout his own plan, he had learned from Paladin that if one was physically and mentally strong enough, one could use those energies to not only communicate, but to attack and trap their enemies. the energy it would take would be strenuous but not as much as Accatosh's physical and mental training with both Paladin and at the Academy.

    Accatosh formed four tendrils of palkian energy and extended them towards Scar, considering that they were dealing with an elemental of sorts or an energy form of something it would be better to use these energies. the four tendrils were unable to be seen by the standard eye for the moment, only when he triggered the trap would they become visible. very few have the natural ability to see such energies, so Accatosh wasn't that worried. He then as a back up plan, formed an orb of the Palkian energies in front of him, it was visible because of the high concentration of energies, creating the a pink orb that was bright enough to illuminate the area with a pearly pink light. Accatosh opened his eyes, still controlling his breathing and focused on the tendrils and the orb in front of him, waiting for the time to strike.