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The Last Stand
Lucian "Hoodhide" Tromp
Cape City

"Holy Arceus!" Hoodhide screamed as he was suddenly picked up from off the roof. For a brief moment, he felt horror, hoping that it was not the fiery Sentinel who had grabbed him. To his relief, he found his good friend Daricka had saved him from the Inferno's vicious attack. In a surprisingly swift motion, the Infernape grabbed Guardia, saving her from the Blast Burn as well. Almost as quickly and abruptly as she had picked them up, she deposited them back on the ground. "Whoa! Thanks, sis!" Hoodhide huffed, looking ahead at the horrifying monster before him. This was no longer Inferno... heck, this was no longer a Pokemon for that matter. His dark, soulless eyes and his pitch black flames showed that there was something very different about him. The Silver Crystal had taken over. As quick as a flash, Wildfire shot at the Inferno, battering him with attack after attack. Her combinations of Focus Blast and her flames did a great deal of damage on the vile creature, who was unable to dodge any of the attacks.

Suspense. Nothing but smoke after Daricka had returned to Hoodhide's side. They waited for it to clear, expecting to see the dead body of their enemy. Instead, they saw their weakened foe with cuts, bruises, and burns of the third degree all over his body, but still standing. The least Hoodhide could hope for was that his power had diminished, but alas, this was not so. The Inferno suddenly began generating what appeared to be a huge circle of black flames all around him. The circle just grew and grew, with him at the center, consuming anything in its path. Hoodhide could feel its luminescence; despite the darkness of it all, he could feel its heat like he could feel the scorching sun's heat. Guardia clearly pointed out what all three of them feared. The growing circle would eventually become so powerful that it would blow up the entire city, and anything within 100 square miles of it. He knew that for sure, considering the Inferno's awesome power.

Thinking as quick as he could, Hoodhide tried to come up with a solution. There seemed to be no way to stop the growing circle, which had already set all surrounding buildings ablaze, causing the battlefield to be encased in a ring of fire. Wait a minute, Hoodhide though, if that power is enough to blow up an entire city, it could definitely kill this bastard once and for all... which means... He knew what to do.

"Daricka, Guardia..." he began, turning to his sisters. "You're more important than me. I...have done my duty," he had trouble pronouncing his next few words, for tears welled up in his eyes. "When I go in...start running. Run as fast as you can, as far as you can from here. You're too valuable. Continue the fight. Honor me." And with that, he was gone.

As Hoodhide ran towards the flaming circle of darkness, things changed to slow motion. Oh, how he hated things to be slow! But in this case, it was a good thing. He was in no hurry to get burned to a cinder. However, it had to be done. Everything Lucian stood for depended on this one action, and by Arceus, he was going to succeed.

Hoodhide touched the flames. Darkness enveloped him and burned his skin. He screamed as he advanced into the flames persistently. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He cried in anguish, but continued on. His legs pushed him through the fiery blaze, and his arms shielded his face from the fire, but it was no use. The flames did not light him, instead they whipped past his body like a flaming wind, burning him horribly as he advanced towards the Inferno. His screams began to become weaker as he neared the Typhlosion, his body black and scorched. "UUUUAAAAAGH!" Came his painful shriek.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of fire and pain, he stood before the Inferno. The monster simply looked down at the little Scrafty as he generated more flames. Despite his terrible pain, the now blackened Scrafty began to climb the horrible monster's body. The Typhlosion's fur was on fire, and his mouth was wide open, generating more and more flames as the circle grew in size. "AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGH!" Hoodhide wailed as his skin was set alight by the Inferno's fur. The pain is worth it, the pain is worth it, he repeated in his head, as he climbed on top of the beast's head.

Once there, he gazed down at the beast's gaping mouth. His body was now black as his skin was scorched with third degree burns, his eyes were the only thing that were almost unscathed, allowing him to see past the burning winds of fire. The Inferno's body began to rumble as he got ready to detonate his now huge circle of dark flames. Reaching out with all his strength, Hoodhide grabbed the Inferno's big mouth from both ends, and began to push the two ends shut. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEERGH!" Came Hoodhide's scream as the inside of his own mouth was scorched by the winds. The pain was unbearable, but not for someone like him. Not for someone of the Gold Tribe.

Finally, the shaking Inferno's jaws began to move. The two ends of his mouth came closer and closer together as Hoodhide's efforts finally paid off. The young Scrafty grunted as the evil Typhlosion's mouth was finally wedged shut.

Inferno began rumbling. In fact, being on top of him, it felt like an earthquake. His soulless, black eyes had a glint of sadness to him as his whole circle of fire came back down upon both of the Pokemon. All of the powerful, raw flames that had spread from the Inferno returned to him, collapsing back onto their maker. The flames had no route of entrance, because the only one, the Typhlosion's gaping maw, was wedged shut by Hoodhide. The last thing the little Scrafty felt in his life was all that power, all that energy collapsing onto both him and the Typhlosion, before everything faded to black.

The resulting implosion was big, but not as large as it could have been. A loud, resonating boom could be heard as Inferno and Hoodhide were crushed by the sheer intensity of the flames, which then spread outwards as they collapsed, incinerating anything in their path. Any Pokemon that was anywhere close to the battlefield would be incinerated if they were anywhere near the ground. Flames poured out from where the two had been standing, burning through buildings and Pokemon alike as the ground was scorched so hot it became black. The implosion lasted for a good minute before the flames finally ceased erupting.

And that was the end of Allen "The Inferno" Fury.

The aftermath was devastating. The ground that the fire had touched was scorched pitch black, the ash of Pokemon and buildings alike lay all across. There was now a great patch of black darkness on the face of Cape City, on which nothing lived.