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    Originally Posted by legendhunter14 View Post
    I don't think that rumour is true, Pokejungle posted a lot of rumours and almost all of them were confirmed false. When gen V was announced, I read that there would be a Tauros evolution, but instead whe got no evo's.

    But they should leave Gen I as it is because it is there are enough new evo's made for them and it is just too old. They should focus on Gen IV and V Pokémon.
    And III. Not very many gen III pokemon have gotten evolutions except for Roselia, Nosepass,Dusklops and two branch evolutions for Snorunt, and Ralts based on their sex. Electrike could use a final form, if it were to have high special attack combined with lightning rod (if it keeps it) it'll be a power to fear imo.
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