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Cape City

Zane gazed upon Blitzkrieg as he commented on Zane's thinking. "We went wrong by being prideful and accepting those who were warriors in their respects, but were not ready to be accepted as members of the tribe, they didn't have our code of ethics..."

He continued to looked upon him as he thought on this. Kivir Sveenis and his teacher, Delnir "Divine Wind" Blake, had once said something similarly. Zane remembered on that day that he dismissed Kivir's protests, that the Gold Tribe were alright as they were. That they were still a family. But something truly was wrong. The more he started to realize it, the more he was coming to grips with just how much it wasn't what it appeared to be. As they had all found out, the Gold Tribe was formed as a way to protect the lands from the 'Dark Being' in the Silver Crystal long ago. Their ideals and culture that formed could all be seen as rouses to hide its true purpose. But eventually, those ideals were apart of their actually culture. They truly had become brothers and sisters again, only to now veer off. At least, that is what Zane thought. He wasn't sure how it happened. He wasn't entirely sure when, but the Gold Tribe seemed to be veering off the path that was intended for them. Divine Wind saw it. Perhaps Rey did too, which is why he tried to do something about it.

Zane looked away from Blitzkrieg, determination filling his eyes again. He knew, even only as an interim leader, he had to do something about it. He had to change the Gold Tribe. But suddenly, a voice permeated his skull. He grabbed his head, feeling a similar sensation that happened whenever he would have gotten those visions. It seemed as the time passed, these visions seemed to only be getting stronger, as to now he saw them even while he was awake. Sometimes, he appeared to also be hearing voices, as in this occasion.

"But you know that is impossible. You said it yourself. You made the realization all the way back in Eternity City. There's too few now to make a difference, to make a change. What was it you thought then? Do you remember?"

The war would bring the end of the Gold Tribe.

Zane let go of his head, as the sensation passed and the stinging pain subsided. He looked back at the others, just as he caught Penance speaking of Hoodhide's last actions. He turned swiftly to the Golduck, walking up to him as he glared into his eyes. He grabbed the Golduck by the shoulders, as if about to do something, but thought against it. Instead, he just gripped him by the shoulder, and thought. Many things passed through his mind, one in particularly being how much Penance himself had changed. Finally, Zane let go, and backed away, still glaring at him.

"Purpose..." Zane said out loud, thought barely audible over the sounds of battle. He spoke louder now. "I won't have you speak ill of the dead, particularly my brother. He died because I was helping you, Penance. Remember that. If I was here...I might have been able to help. Maybe he wouldn't have died...maybe, he didn't have to die..." His voice trailed off, but the sounds of nearby battling snapped him back into reality. There was still a war to fight, even if a pair of Sentinels were out of the picture. As he looked over, he saw as Belas and Hazone pushed forward through a bulk of the Ancients which protected the Stoneguard, the Ancients' base of operations. Taking that spot would be crucial in winning the battle.

With that in mind, Zane took off in that direction, yelling back to Penance as he did. "Remember, once you were one of us too. Whatever insanity you call yourself now, you took the Oath of the Gold Tribe. An oath like that can't just easily be broken with a new title and some new friends."

He never got a chance to hear a respond from Penance, however, as a peculiar thing had begun to happen. He noticed Sandstorms spread out across one area of the city, enveloping everything in the area. However, the oddity was not Sandstorm itself, as much as it was the event which followed it. First it was shaking, like an earthquake on a more massive scope. This was followed by the sky visibly darkening, and energy from some unknown source begin to strike at anything in its path, most notably any buildings which still managed to stand. It was an energy source Zane didn't understand, neither the source nor the reason.

"What the..." Zane inquired, looking all across at the turmoil that was Cape City. All around, everything seemed to be becoming more chaotic, only a further reason for them to have to end this battle soon. Whatever was happening to cause this, he hoped those who were there were handling it. If they don't, the fate of Cape City and the brave warriors who fought to liberate it might face a grim ending.

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