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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

    Talking should do the trick... haven't you forgotten to do something?

    @Snake: Would you mind if I tried to fix bugs if I had time to do it by editing your translated version?
    Yeah, if you want to have a go at editing Lauren, go ahead. Just wait until I put out my final version and use that as a base. All that should need doing is changing all the flags in Lauren to something different. I was using values in the high 3000s for Zhery, but I don't remember the exact ones I used... so you'd have to figure out which flags are free, too. I tended not to change a flag unless it didn't work properly, and I didn't notice any issues in Lauren on my own playthrough, though evidently other people are.

    I'm just paranoid about creating more bugs, since that happened a lot when I was trying to fix Zhery. That and lazy. :)
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