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Hello all, have you guys ever noticed that when you get in to a trainer battle you don't face them? You just go straight in to a battle. This doesn't occur in R/S/E. The theory is that GameFreak, was making FR seem more like the original R/B.

Well now thanks to the work of Jambo51, we have a fix.
Below are 3 attachments, 2 asm files(Binary), and a script. This hack changes the script that loads before a trainer battle. It also changes special 0x37.

Alright, now open a hex editor, and-
Insert the TFH.asm into free space
Insert the SSH.asm into free space

Go to 0x81C0A
Copy 0xA(10) Amount of Bytes and replace with:
01 49 08 47 00 00 XX XX XX 08

The XX's is the location of the SSH.asm routine that was inserted earlier. (+1)

In the Script replace the YY's With the pointer to the TFH routine (+1)
Compile the script, and record it's location.
Reverse the location so it can be pointed to in hex.

Now go to these three locations:
0x1a4ebd, 0x1a4ee4 and 0x1a4f15

Replace the pointer there with a pointer to the New script.

There you go, if you are going to be using this for your hack make sure to have this in your credits.

Jambo51-Trainer Facing fix
NarutoActor-Trainer Facing Tutorial.

With out that in your credits, you may not use this hack.
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