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Hi! I was making my hack in Firered and I was wondering if there was any way to change where the player starts after the Professor is finished talking at the beginning intro. screen.
You can use SMCA by HackMew to do it. Or, if you know how to use a Hex Editor, diegoisawesome posted this in his miscellaneous finds thread:
0x54A04 is the starting map. 0x54A06 is the starting map's bank.
0x54A08 is the starting X position. 0x54A00 is the starting Y position.
Have fun.
Anyway, I have a question of my own. My hack is de-capitalised except for one item - the Enigma Berry. In Item Manager it appears as "Enigma Berry". Searching for the bytes "BF C8 C3 C1 C7 BB" (ENIGMA) in HxD yielded one result, which I changed to "BF E2 DD DB E1 D5" (Enigma), but the item name still appears as "ENIGMA Berry" in-game. Does anybody know how to solve this?

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