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so is this hack complete?, and if you don't mind me asking, do Altaria and Manectric get evos?
This hack is playable up to the Elite Four, but it is not yet complete. There are sidequest areas that I haven't yet built, and there is a chunk of storyline that comes after the Elite Four that isn't yet done. Altaria and Manectric don't have hidden evolutions (in fact, I think you'll find Manectric's line has been done away with to make room for the Luxray line).

On the glitch side of things, if you open the menu in the forest, you lose control of the player.
I know about this one and have been trying to fix it for about six months.

Also there's an infinite Potion giveaway in Rustboro. This one I didn't mind much since I couldnt afford any potions after getting destroyed by the flying lady so many times.
Yeah, you've pretty much just said why there's an infinite Potion giveaway. Seriously, you need the Potions and you don't have the money to buy them from Larry the Looter. And I don't think you can get too rich just from Potion-selling. Even if you do, money isn't really an object in Snakewood, as anyone who won either of the two drinking contests will know. ;)

Finally, new IPS! You can find it back at the first post. This one has a fixed version of the Norman sidequest and a Hyperegg that does not have only 1HP. If you previously had a Hyperegg, please evolve it again (I'm sorry about that). As for those of you who are losing levels due to evolution... well, that happens with all the Pokémon I've edited for some reason. No idea why.

Also, new screenshots. See first post for details.