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    It did feel very fragmented indeed. I presume he was literally throwing everything out and hoping something stuck, I really hope the rest of the volumes have a bit more flow and description. I like the world he's created but I was only absorbed into it during that final segment.

    Fights weren't overly impressive but I expect they'll look better than they read. Characters are neither good nor bad, Kirito had a few good moments but meh. Asuna....has nice design I guess.

    As for chapter 16.5, I thought they were going to evade it actually and tbh if I was writing I probably would. Yes he took the more realistic option but I'm a bit of a romancehag. Then again it moved on the relationship and made for a nice and light couple of chapters afterwards. I've read that loads of other girls get introduced, I desperately hope he doesn't do an Araragi and go after them all....although from what I read in the first 25 chapters I'm guessing he will.

    Excuse this ramble, I've been awake over 24 hours now.