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    I just had a brainwave last night while playing my new BigBang Maplestory patch in Southeast Asia! I'm now planning for my next RP which would be the FIRST Other RP I have created and you guess, it's no Maplestory. Well not exactly, but somewhat related. :P

    EDITT: Just some clarifications regarding the RPA. This is to pokemongarnet, what do you mean by Abstain? I've never seen that person before so is he a PC user or were you meaning somebody else?
    Originally Posted by pokemongarnet View Post
    Best Roleplayer of May: Me AbstainI don't read enough Rp's on here to be completely fair.

    Best Game Master of May: MeActually, I know you can't technically vote for yourself but this isn't just me. Id est Damnum Innocantae's Staff. Well, we did recover a dying RP that most of us wanted to continue. But the GM was not there, so we recovered it and are making it work until the GM returns or possibly until the end of it. But it's sustaining itself.

    Best SU Writer of May: Me I haven't read enough SU's... Abstain.

    Funniest Roleplayer of May: Me Ummmmm, this is tough... Nakuzami because of an outrageous Marshmallow video he linked to. But mostly because his characters have weird behaviors.

    Best Rookie RP of May: My RP Full Metal Alchemist: Divergent Great plot and ideas and it has good posts thus far.

    Best Veteran RP of May: My RP I can't say, -Abstain-

    Most Original Plot of May: My RP Ye' Pokebest Journeye' It's a pretty creative and more or less original. Seeing as almost every RP here is based off of a series of books, tv show etc.

    The Coolest Roleplay I Saw But Didn't Dare To Enter: My RP Full Metal Alchemist: Divergent I had too much on my plate at the time.
    Lulz, [Silver] (name changed?), Darkrai's Balloon is locked. RHCP kinda gave up on it... :P'
    I left some blank for now. We still have about half of May left, so let's see what happens :3
    I think all of these votes, from everbody, are so biased. That's not really a bad thing though :3

    Can't help but agree. And also don't forget that the deadline is only till the end of the month so even if you've submitted the form, you can edit it. So do keep an eye out on the corner to see if anybody pops. XD