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    Originally Posted by Hiatus View Post
    Thoughts on Superstar Shakeup, anyone?
    I can't believe I'm about to say this. I seriously can't.

    The dumbasses at WWE have clearly given up on Roman Reigns. Clearly I'm the only one who truly supports him. (though that's fine because the more this BS happens the more it continues to remind me of myself. Truly making my signature 100% accurate)

    The fact that they have allowed the moronic, idiotic, and hypocritical fanbase that go to the live shows actually get to them is downright absurd. It's the exact same situation as John Cena yet they didn't allow it to get to them. Yet now they are for whatever idiotic, moronic, hypocritical reason.

    Roman Reigns' best option is clearly to go to SmackDown! at this point. Which is saying something coming from me of all people, the only true Roman Reigns supporter.

    RAW has too many superstars with all the debuts and returns at this point and SmackDown is pretty much full of heels now (especially after what Nakamura did at WrestleMania last night).

    I really don't want it to happen but there's clearly no alternative at this point.

    Roman... go to SmackDown. Just do it. You'll be better for it.

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