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    Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
    You just named everything that should be in a hack, without it, it is just a story with trainers.

    It surly was not wasted work, CD is a great addition to the Rom Hacking community.
    then do that. We need more of those hacks, not just the same old stuff that just spruced up prettily.

    Why very few of that so far?

    cos people are still sticking to the same old formula when making hacks, the same old concept from all the original games so far. Fight gyms, fight E4, fight "insert evil team here", get legendary, finish. Snake wood at least try to deviate from the norm, yet it is being put down for the same reason.

    CD is a great hack only in terms of the graphics/scripting dept, but Snakewood trumph in trying to be more original in its story and concept, though it is rough at the edges. And its not easy to come up with interesting stories/ideas either. My point is that if we grab both their advantages into a single hack, we have the best of both worlds.

    If you really want to pick, Good gameplay/story/idea>graphics erryday. Just look at Minecraft and then look at the obsessive CoD crowd.

    Look no flaming/insulting here. Just stating my opinion and notice i NEVER deviate from the forum topic. Dunno how people like to become trollbait so easily. The internet i guess.

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