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I'm not bashing or insulting anyone or their opinions (and if I did then it was inadvertent and I apologize), and I'm fine with the that freedom of opinion (general disrespect for opinion is something that pisses me off), but I do think that we should stop attacking people, the owners of the hacks, and the hacks themselves. I mean, it's fine that someone doesn't like a hack, but is it really okay to belittle it in plain sight of the owner? I mean, I think there should at least be more subtlety to the comments at the very least, saying something "frankly sucks" or calling someone a "dick" is pretty unbecoming of a voting thread.

But then again, this is all (ironically) subjective. Anyway, I voted for Dark Future, which, like CD, is a technological beast. The use of ASM is impressive, and it does retain a "Traditional RPG" style lost in the official Pokemon games, yet still has it's own uniqueness.
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