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Originally Posted by FlyingHatTrick View Post
Play with meeeeee. ;A;

I actually fail at bass too, because I had to self-teach it to myself while I took jazz band at my school. I'm bad with tuning it too. :S
Ehehe. ^^' Maybe when I get more confidence, as well as loads of experience, and actually travel around the world, I can meet you guys! Kinda Farfetch'd, but it could happen. :3

I also had no one to teach me the bass; no lessons and stuff, maybe that's why I fail as well. You play the bass in your band? I've never used a bass-only tuner, so I dunno how it looks like. Is it that different from a guitar?

Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Skitty the only way to get better is to practice! Practice practice practice! Find songs that you like the sound of then just get a tab or something and learn it, never giving up! Learning and getting good at an instrument takes a lot of dedication.
Ehehe, yes, I know, but I'm kinda lacking of motivation as well as inspiration. Maybe when I get into a newbie/starting band, the members and I will all get better together. Oh how cool that would be. <3