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Originally Posted by Renyui! View Post
Oh my goodness, how did I not see this thread before.

Username: Renyui!
Instrument(s) played: Piano, Synthesizers (They are distinctly different, don't judge), Guitar, Bass (Slap and Finger), Drum Kit, Mallet Percussion, Bass Clarinet, and I'm capable with Ableton Live
Are you willing to collaborate with other members: Yes, but my mixing board is being repaired at the moment, so I'd probably be just making ableton samples with my MIDI controller for a while.

We should do something super unique, like sample Baroque period stuff and lay a beat over it, or like arrange stuff for different ensembles? (e.g. modern electro song arr. for percusson ensemble?)
Welcome to the Club Renyui!
It's good that you finally realised it was here!
My god, you play quite a few instruments dont you (I applauded your talent.) How long have you been playing all that.. also.. YES A DRUMMER!! YAY GUYS!!!
I dont think anyone else in the club even has a mixing board at all man... You're way a head of us.

I would be cool to do something like that, but I wouldnt even know where to start with that, maybe you could show me an example of what you mean so I can get my head around it better?