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Going back and looking at some of the features that were revealed, I'm still excited about the live streaming of gameplay and being able to play games as their still downloading, but am disappointed at the lack of backwards compatibility, and like a few others have said, the whole social gaming aspect does seem a bit excessive. If the rumors are true that we have to be connected to the internet all the time when we play games, I think there'll be a lot of unhappy people (myself included). I'm also not quite sure how I feel about the touchpad on the controller, as I found it a little distracting when I accidentally pressed it when I tried the Vita.

All in all, I'll wait until we hear more info about the console (and actually see it), but I doubt it'll be something I pick up on day one. I have a feeling that it will slightly outperform the new XBox spec-wise, but I'd still rather wait until they're both out for a few months before I jump on either bandwagon.
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