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    Also thank you for the advise 7highstraight it worked and when I exited the Pokemon center everything except sound turned back to normal, later in Magnus city battle music turned back to normal.

    A major problem I am having is after clicking on the RPG and it opens it kicks me out to my desktop if I click it again it freeze's and I have to turn off my computer, the best way to fix this for me seems to be to let it put me back to my desktop and wait til I hear music. then go click Super Pokemon Eevee and it than works.

    Next Here are my questions

    Where is the new limit break when my character's get limit I still have to make them attack normally as there is no longer a limit attack in the attack menu?

    Another Question I have is it possible to EV train in this game?

    Also is their a limit to the amount of Attack Ups a Pokemon could have?

    Do Pokemon in B team rise in friendship by walking around or only by leveling up I ask because Zubat is in my B team?

    To go back into Luna forest after you unlocked night mode requires 4 badges as that is not implemented yet, I am guessing this is the end of 7.B

    Here are the errors and bugs I have found

    A small error is that the Nav Unit leads you to the Pokemon academy and not further into the game this could be because we are not starting a new game and thus missing some flags.

    The game freezes when you see your rival in Magnus city the first time I had a Jolteon though the second time I changed to Vaporion and saved right before the main battle the second time did not freeze.

    Another error I have found in the refining process is even if you have 3 novice belts you cannot make a Professional belt.
    Also even though I have 4 fuels I cannot make a fire punch

    Another one is that even though that item that let you have a B team is gone they are still somehow getting EXP I know this because they are still leveling up and somehow my backup Graveler has now surpassed Eevee in power.

    Every Arcade game except for the Crane one exits if you click instructions.
    Though after playing the games it is very simple to figure out in a few seconds.

    There are 2 Junior ranger trophy's in side-quest trophy's.

    Somehow my Pidgeotto's picture has been replaced with Raticate unsure if the stat's changed but the typing is the same

    A very small error is that in route 7 right before the glitch's start appearing below is a berry and a ledge and you cannot jump the ledge not a big deal just thought I would mention it.
    Also after you activate the Gen 3 and come back you are able to jump off so it is a very small error and one you might have done purposely.

    If you click on the Berry tree near the Berry master's house nothing happens.

    When you see the Team rocket members blocking the way to Ferreus town If you go up and talk to them nothing happens walking a few steps fixed this even though it was weird to see my character face the opposite direction while they were talking their pictures are gone and after your picture comes up they start using it instead of their own.
    After the battle they only use the blue headed ones picture.
    Not very important but it is somewhat confusing.

    The Ferrus town gym say's it is not implemented but it will in 7.B as it is already 7.B you might want to change that to say 7.C
    ROM hacking FAQ - This tells you how to patch IPS files, so that you can play hacks

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