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    "And I'm the only self-proclaimed top dog trying to keep you alive. Whether you take my crap or not, at least take it with a grain of salt and focus... Also, to the guy in the coat, I'll stop being an asshole when I get my revenge on the***** who left me for dead and the committee who saw me as an investment to claim back, and I quote, 'their property.' I already have enough problems, put up with enough bull that I would rather get out of my situation ALIVE and if it means dragging other trainers over the hot coals, then I'd rather take responsibility than becoming my predecessors." The sandstorm raged on, though no sounds of sand shifting other than what was hitting against the tents fabric, the and the wind brushing by. He remained silent as he let 'his' group converse to get to know each other better, looking disgruntled as he pulled out a paper map, with several area's circled in a bright red pen. "...Hopefully, the cost to pass the barrier for them is low enough than what I paid... We're going to have to head for find..... Can't move there, the grass types moved past there and setup traps at the main roads... Gengar's tribe might be......" His word's we're trailing off, talking to himself as he was pouring over the information in his skull. As the trainers we're getting to know each other a little better, a noise is heard over the sounds of the winds and the tent's fabric. A loud roar as Sparth looks up in the direction of it. "... Oh no...... Fck no..." Sparth plucks a pokeball as he pulls on his goggles and peaks outside of the tent. ".... Anyone got any rock or ground types? We're gonna have company, VERY soon...."

    A creak in the wood of the behemoth as Irek snaps back to consciousness. "The he-.....ow...." He sits up on his tail as he cracks his neck as inspects his area. The ship was pretty banged up on entry into Lethia as he peered over where Shadoan would be standing, only to find his body against the wall and trapped under some debris. ".....Oh no....... Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no." He sprints over to him and starts prying off crates and barrels aside, his legs bruised and bleeding and arms with a few scratches, when he reaches up, he digs underneath his shirt and puts his ear to his chest. His heart was beating, it's faint, but steady. Irek rushes over to one of the crates packing medicine Shadoan packed, containing herbs he was able to somewhat successfully reproduce from lethia back on-board the behemoth and pulled out some Baloo Leaves' green leaves with sticky substances that helped null pain when in contact with skin. He wrapped Shadoan's legs in the stuff and bandaged the arms with gauze and force fed him some water. Shadoan coughed, spitting up the water but slowly waking as Irek sighed. "Your alive, just drink up. Your gonna need it, I don't know how long we've been out." Shadoan's eyes we're a little weary as he looked around. "...Where.... is...." "Slow down and rest. Whistle if trouble comes or if you feel your in danger and I'll check on everyone else... or try too." The green Pikachu leaves his partner behind as he hops off the Behemoth to get a better look from afar. ".... Looks like the hull of the behemoth is damaged, so it won't be sea worthy.... Not for a long while... The engines look intact, so we might be able to fly at most..." He spots as the base of the ship, Avaith, balled up and outcold. Irek rushed from his vantage point to the fire type and inspect him. He's alive but outcold, though in his arms or body, was Cinders, sleeping soundly without a scratch. Jev was also spotted, though his horn had slightly broken off, the other piece a few feet away from his landing sight. ".... Alright, I've found Avaith, his spawn and a critical condition Jev with a trainer heavily injured along with the rest of the team missing." Irek Starts to drag both Avaith and Jev to the Deck while gingerly carrying Cinders, lest he wanted and earful from Mello.

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