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Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
OK, let's reverse it then. Can you give some examples of 'good' films that were made before 1990? (As opposed to 'good for their time' films.)
Brazil is a good film, I think, as are other Terry Gilliam films like The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. And the Monty Python movies, of course. People can, and do, still quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail and get laughs.

There's also Jaws, Diabolique, and lots of Hitchcock's films which will keep you in genuine suspense. Then there are old movies that you think will be throwaway, typical films from their time which manage to surprise you. That happened when I watched The Teahouse of the August Moon which was rather good (even if it did have Marlon Brando in yellowface). Not great, but still good.