space adventure

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this RP is currently FULL so you can't sign up right now
The OOC thread for more info

player list

adventure as Chiara Dollart

Miningsilver as Cogin Pomen

MukMire as Mauve Banzett

Dragon as Kagura Akagi

Magnificent Magilou as Zoey Winters

LinearAxel as Akiru Marufuji

important characters

Professor Cypress
A relentless, spiritually active pokémon researcher with a comparably small science team. She is depending on you to get strong and think about how Aura affects your life with pokémon!
She isn't a battler but her best buddy is a caring Whimsicott.

Elite 4 member Phoebe
A carefree, positive young lady who isn't the slightest afraid of the dark or ghosts. She believes in the spiritual world and other dimensions. She isn't much of a leader, but will take charge bravely in battle.
Her main partner is Banette.

Elite 4 member Sidney
He can appear snide and brash, and sneaky as he uses Dark type pokémon, but his allies want to believe he has a heart of gold. He loves a challenge, and is a hard hitter rather than a planner.
His main partner is Absol.

Elite 4 member Glacia
Glacia comes across as a bit of an elitist, but considering how strong and skilled she is as a trainer, most consider it justified. She is a lady of elegance and diligence and uses her pokémon smartly.
Her main partners are two Glalie.

Elite 4 member Drake
The leader of the Elite 4 group is a man who believes in strength and bravery and to put your heart in everything you do. His Dragon pokémon are terrifyingly strong in battle and few have ever beaten him.
His main partner is an imposing Salamence.

Pokémon Trainer Steven Stone
Steven is the son of the Devon Corporation CEO. He is usually very calm and gentle, but playful when opportunity is given for that, and enjoys collecting rare stones as well as fill up his own customized pokédex with variants of pokémon.
His exquisite partner is a shiny Metagross.

Champion Wally Emerald
The first trainer to beat all of the Elite 4 in a long time (including Drake!), a few years ago. Coming from frail beginnings, Wally has grown to become considered the strongest but most mysterious trainer in Hoenn, and isn't much of a public figure.
His famous partner is a vigilant Gallade.


Every IC day, you can make only 1 "advancing action". Whenever you've written about an advancing action, please let me know in the OOC thread. These actions are:

- Teach a new move to one of your current pokémon (regardless of how)
- Evolve one of your current pokémon
- Trade a pokémon

You may capture as many pokémon as you want, at any time!

If you trade with an "NPC", you can only receive pokémon that were previously or currently available for you to capture, and the GM will decide its moveset and ability.

The world is split into many zones, mostly a la the canon Hoenn map. Each time you want to move to another zone (even if it's backwards to an old one), let me know in the OOC thread, and I'll put a post up in the IC thread with any new stuff you should be aware of when arriving there.

-- It's probably a good thing to keep track of your pokémon and their moves in every IC post!