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Zoey Winters
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Rustboro City
Chapter 1-2 | Big Trouble In Little Rustboro

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Mauve sighed, and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, I gotcha...." He got an urge of agitation, but swiftly got over it. HE was just glad he wasn't travelling with her, let alone anyone at all. Straightening himself out, he turned, and looked out to the city, and the Pokemon that surrounded the metal behemoth.

Various Pokemon were attacking people, trainers from all over the city were trying to help fend off the wild invaders. Even the Rustboro Gym Leader, Roxanne, had her most powerful Pokemon just trying to distract the behemoth. Mauve looked up and around, some of the Steel Pokemon even flew into different homes and apartment buildings. Magnemite and Beldum flew into windows and tore everything up around them. Aron, Klink and even some Nosepass just destroyed what got in their way.

"Man... what a mess," Mauve mumbled to himself. "Maybe we should head to the Pokemon Center, as a way to get to safety?" He asked this as he turned to Zoey.

The pink-haired girl turned to Mauve with a rather defiant look in her eyes. "Run away...? I have no such intention to act in such a cowardly manner! I came all this way and became a trainer so that I could experience new and exciting moments in life. I will not begin that chapter by running away and hiding just because things have taken a turn for the worse."

Zoey paused in her rant, her eyes glancing down towards the Alolan Vulpix by her side. Yuki's tails were swishing back and forth with anticipation. It was clear that the fox Pokmon was mirroring her trainer's excitement in this situation. Yuki already felt as though she had her moment stolen from her earlier when that Magby took down her first opponent. As a result, the ice type Pokmon was more than ready to get a second chance to show just what she was made of. It was a sight that reassured Zoey a bit, helping to make her think that she was making the right call in all of this. Besides, people needed their help. Is this not what being a trainer was supposed to be about as well.

"If you want to go cower somewhere, then I won't stop you," Zoey resumed, returning her attention back towards the boy by her side. She crossed her arms across her chest, going as far as to huff in irritation."But I've no intention of joining you in such an act!"

"... Hmmm." A rush of embarrassment flowed through Mauve. He stewed on that response for a moment before he could feel a claw poke into his cheek, causing him to look over to Fuego. He was looking him in the eyes. Very closely. He could tell that even Fuego was trying to tell him the same thing. That they shouldn't run away from this disaster. It had eyes of intent, of determination, and of duty. Mauve gave the Magby a wry smile, and chuckled. "... Aight, you have a point, quit lookin' at me like that." Shaking his head, he exhaled, and gave himself a wake-up pat on his cheeks.

I got this, I can do this... No problem. I got Fuego with me.

He stroked Fuego's head, giving him a soft pat, making the Magby warm up a bit on his shoulder. Turning to Zoey and her huffiness, Mauve said laughingly, "Alright, let's-"

But before Mauve could finish, a loud rumble and a crash could be heard from opposite sides of Mauve and Zoey. To the left, out of the window of a five story apartment, a giant stone looking Pokemon leaping out the window. It crashed to the ground, several feet away from Mauve, causing to to jump.

"What the heck?!"

Zoey turned in the direction of the crash, her eyes widening as she watched the stone-like creature literally roll in their direction. The Pokmon gradually came to a stop, revealing itself to be quite the ridiculous-looking thing, if Zoey had her way about it. The Pokmon was able to stand on what looked like two jagged feet of sorts. It had hands... or rather, what appeared to be miniature slabs of stone serving as hands. However, the most absurd looking feature of the wild Pokmon had to be its somewhat large, red nose. The very sight of it alone caused the pink-haired trainer to giggle beneath her hand.

"That... that thing looks absolutely hideous!" she snorted out. "Are there really Pokmon out that there look that absurd?"

Mauve , too, noticed the strange looking Pokmon. He couldnt help but snort and begin to chuckle.

The Pokemon began to vibrate angrily, and create a horn like sound that echoed around the area.

Uh... what does that mean?

Another other crash, and angry whirrs occurred around the two trainers. One Nosepass burst out of the ground, vibrating and exhaling just as angrily as the other one. One looked down Zoey and her Vulpix, while the other glared down Mauve and his Magby.

Ah no, TWO of them?! Cmon, Fuego, we got this one!

The Magby hissed, and jumped forward, challenging the Big-Nosed Pokemon.

Zoey could hardly contain her excitement, much unlike her fellow trainer. "Alright! This should be an easy one, Yuki! Plus, we won't have to worry about a certain someone trying to steal our opponent away from us! Are you ready?"

The Alolan Vulpix let out a quick yip, her tails swaying eagerly as she pranced forward and came to stand in front of the other rock Pokmon. The big-nosed Pokmon glared angrily at the trainer and her Vulpix, something that neither seemed to let get to them. Without a moment's notice, the rock creature jumped forward, aiming to slam its body right into Yuki. Yuki was quick to get on defense, however. The white Vulpix nimbly hopped backwards, managing to dodge the Tackle attack with ease.

"Yuki, attack it with Ice Shard!" Zoey ordered her Pokmon.

A cold wind began to blow through the area, as several shards of solid ice seemed to form overhead of the Ice-type Pokmon. Yuki was quick to launch them in the direction of the Pokmon with the large nose. The rock creature attempted to try and avoid the oncoming onslaught, but it simply was not quick enough to dodge all of the frigid shards. Two of them managed to cut right into the rock Pokmon, causing it to grunt in a mixture of agitation and pain. The Pokmon was quick to retaliate with an attack. Once more, it launched itself straight in the direction of Yuki. Again, the Alolan Vulpix did her best to try and dodge, this time hopping off to the side. However, her opponent was just as quick to attack with a follow-up Tackle. This time it easily managed to roll back in the direction of the white Vulpix, slamming itself into Yuki with a great deal of force. Yuki let out a howl of pain as she staggered backwards, doing everything she could in her power to try and keep her footing from the rather strong attack.

"Despite how absurd that thing looks, it seems like they pack a punch. We need to finish this battle off quickly, Yuki!" Zoey stated. "Quick, use Powder Snow!"

Yuki yipped in response, returning her focus back to the opposing Pokmon., The white Vulpix took a deep breath, before blowing out a cold and snow-filled breath in the rock creature's direction. The large-nosed Pokmon braced itself, trying to do its best to endure the oncoming attack. However, Yuki's attack seemed to be more than the creature could handle. The snow blasted up against the rock creature with great intensity, much more than Zoey was expecting her Pokmon to use. It encased the rock Pokmon in ice, freezing it right on the spot!

"Ha! Nothing to it!" Zoey cheered, grinning widely at her Vulpix. "Great job, Yuki!"

Mauve, Fuego, and even the opposing Nosepass had watched the battle. Mauve was really impressed with how both Zoey and her Vulpix seemed to fight. Fuego even looked on in curious amazement.

The Nosepass however, looked to tear up, before it hopped up and down, slamming the ground with each impact.


"Alright Fuego, it's our turn to deck this Nosepass!" Mauve tried to psyche himself for his first battle, his Magby letting out a bellow of smoke in Nosepass' face. "Good idea, Fuego. Use Smokescreen!" Fuego breathed in so deeply, it's chest puffed out. But just as quick as he gulped that air, he spewed a thick, black, inky Smokescreen, completely clouding the Nosepass. It whirred and stomped again before a rushing sound could be heard. "Fuego, get ready to bounce!"

The Nosepass slid out of the smokescreen face first, almost crashing into the Magby. "Jump, and use Ember!" Before Nosepass could collide, Fuego jumped and clung to the Nosepass, pelting it with countless Ember attacks to the face.


Stomping even more angrily, it tried to shake off Fuego, but it clung on for dear life. "Good job, Fuego! Hit it with a smog attack, and keep holding on!" Fuego could tell what Mauve was planning, and began to exhume a heavy smog that clouded both him and the Nosepass.

The stomping grew more frantic, more louder, and much more angry. With a might slam to the ground, Nosepass knocked off Fuego by ramming itself into the side of a building. "FUEGO!" Mauve could only watch in panic as Fuego rolled on the ground, that hit doing some serious damage. Still... Fuego crawled back up to it's feet.

The Nosepass wasn't looking too good either, looking poisoned, as it's movements became more erratic. That, and some of that same smog was fuming out of the Pokemon's prodigious proboscis. "Well... that's not something you see every day. Fuego, hit him with a Feint Attack!"

The Magby rushed in, making Nosepass shoot forward again. But this time, Magby spun around it, jumped, and gave it a solid kick to the dome, knocking it to the ground. The smog-like fumes stopped, and the Nosepass was motionless.

Mauve fell silent for a moment, only to snap himself back to reality and pick up his firebrand partner. "W-wow, Fuego... you really kicked ass!" Mauve started to laugh, hugging Fuego and patting his head.

"I mean... It wasn't the worst battling I've ever seen..." Zoey replied, having long since already scooped her Vulpix back up into her arms. "It looks like you do have a bit of skill outside of just stealing battles away."

Mauve just glumly looked over, getting the feeling that he'll never live down this one, minor transgression. "Thanks... I think?" He turned and saw Zoey with her proud Vulpix. "You're pretty good, yourself," he replied with a sheepish grin.

Zoey just grinned in Mauve's direction. The boy's compliment seemed to go straight towards her ego, and Zoey did little to hide this. "I know. It's like this thing just comes naturally to me!"

Something in his gut told Mauve that was a bad idea. He couldn't... quite put his finger on it.


A thunderous explosion came from the nearby cafe. Two people were dangerously close to the steel behemoth that was laying siege to the city, and one of them seemed to be injured.

"Hey, look over there," he urged to Zoey. "There's a couple of people under that thing!" Fuego crawled back onto his shoulder, ready for another battle.

"That... That thing is huge! Like, way more than those stupid rock-nose things!" Zoey exclaimed. Seeing the creature at a much closer angle really was putting things into perspective. Despite her big talk from earlier, even the pink-haired teenager was quick to realize that if the two of them tried to attack this giant, it wasn't going to end well. "How are we supposed to help them without getting our own Pokmon killed in the process?!"

"We gotta distract it, or something! Um...." Mauve stopped to think, but thought back to the battle he had with Nosepass. Deeply inhaling, Mauve saw the possibility of what he was thinking... how well it would work....

"Zoey, I think we can at least get that thing to stop in it's tracks. We hide somewhere nearby, Fuego using Smokescreen and your Vulpix using Powder Snow. Maybe she can freeze it in place just long enough for them to get away. What do you think?"

Mauve just spouted out the first thing he could think of involving both of their Pokemon to the best of their ability, and with the feeling of danger looming above.

Zoey glanced down at the Vulpix in her arms. Yuki, despite the obvious gap in power and size, didn't seem to be against the idea. It seemed that Mauve's Magby was accepting of the idea as well. The girl sighed, closing her eyes in defeat.

"I think this is a stupid idea, but... whatever. Lead on," she relented.

Mauve led Zoey to the alleyway that looked over to the cafe.

The behemoth was dangerously close to crushing the both of them, and at a very precarious location where it can do major collateral damage. Fuego jumped off his shoulder, peeking his head out of the dark just to see the creature. It's size and figure was very intimidating, but the Magby remained steadfast.

"Alright, when Fuego let's loose with Smokescreen! Try to aim it at it's... face." Mauve was unsure if those beady things on it's face was actually a face or not. Either way, he exhaled deeply, filling the air with a thick, inky smog.

Zoey glanced down at Yuki, the Vulpix seeming quite eager to begin this little plan of Mauve's. Her trainer still had a bad feeling about the whole thing, but it was too late to back out now. "Follow up by shooting a Powder Snow at that thing's feet, Yuki."

The Vulpix let out a small yip before she took a deep breath. Like the several times before, a chilly air began to exhale from the Vulpix's mouth. Yuki made sure to carefully aim for the massive creature's feet, all the while Zoey watched with more than just a little bit of worry. With any luck, neither she nor Yuki would be dead after this daring rescue attempt.