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    Full feedback will be up in a few days maybe tomorrow if I decide to rush it but for now some bug reports and some bloopers!

    After beating the final gym(final for this beta I mean) I got around doing a few random things and then I decided to visit my hometown!

    The Bulbasaur npc is back again!

    I guess this has to do with the fact I'm still using my beta 2.2 save file, nothing too serious since Theresa still remembers that she already gave me a Bulbasaur, it's just weird that's all!

    And now, for a game breaking one!

    OH MY GOD, WHAT IS GOING ON????????????

    Apparently, entering my house triggered one of the scripts again, with disturbing results!

    After the script ends, the game doesn't freeze but it's impossible to move unless you use a cheat code!(I have saved anyway just before I entered my house)

    Using the walk through walls gameshark code will help you escape and after that you can enter and leave the house without any problem!

    The tree that the Charmander was guarding gives no berries any more!

    Don't know if this is a bug or intentional!

    This screenshot is from The Capital!

    The mobs at the side are different and lower lvl than those at the sea!

    Again, I don't know if this is intentional or not!

    And now for some bloopers!



    Ok, I admit this was a pain to find!

    What's with the graveyard of signs?

    I almost expected a zombie coming out of the ground!

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