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    I decided to give it another go. After finishing Route 401, walked into the Pokémon Center and saw the world map. Am I reading that there are 20 towns?

    While scrolling around, made some observations:

    - Nice way to blend the Safari Zone into the map (above my head) merging it with the city itself, but separating it.
    - "Zhery Champion" shows as 2x2=4 tiles, but in actuality the bottom two tiles do not list the name; rather, they list nothing.
    - What's with the Imitari Islands? The path shows to continue, but we can't scroll that high.
    - I'm guessing the green blob (highlighted) is the badge check gates? It says Victory Road, but normally you can't access it until after the gates and this one connects Routes 415 and 416.
    - At the southern end of the map, next to the nameplate, is a string of several areas. There are no names. What are they?
    - Rocavely City is shown to include a patch of land that is not tiled red. My guess is the red pair of tiling needs to move over one unit to the west and Route 502 should be two squares, but I have no idea.
    - East of Ironnem City (in the northeast) is a three square area that is unnamed. Does the path continue, and what is it?
    - Ricyan City has the same problem as Rocavely, two squares not tiled but named as it.
    - Is Lauren Road supposed to be Victory Road for that half of the map? I see it leads to "Lauren Champion" in the southeast corner.
    - What is the blue dot between Lauren Road and Route 501?

    I listed these simply because it's feedback on what I'm testing out. I know it's probably final beta, and maybe some of the things I pointed out cannot possibly be corrected for some reason or another; I just thought I'd list it. I seem to be good at finding things like this.

    Another question. Thief (TM46) is used to get berries from trees. Is it one-time use per tree? And if it regenerates, why was Thief not made an HM for this purpose?

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