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Originally Posted by NurseBarbra View Post
Don't I get a say in this relationship? Why can't we just have a 3-way?

Yes well, This is just gonna be a rant post.
Today (and for the past few days) I've had Summer Exams, And recently I've been getting "verbally bullied" by some.... neanderthals.. (not that I care about what they say), And have been forced to take action as they have progressed to near physical bullying (E.g Saying "I'll stab your neck" while holding pens and pencils), I've taken up a case with the schools board about the amount of bullying that not just I, but a number of LGBT students have been faced with lately (It's not just my year group apparently... :/ ), And so far it's going well. I could of just decided to break each and every bone in their bodies, But legal matters trimuph once again.
half of all your stuff please
So yeah, Anyone want to hear my argument for the school board?

Only real reason I'm ranting is because Portal2 decided not to work on my PC anymore, No matter how many times I reinstall Steam...
In my eyes, it would be perfectly acceptable (and in some places, legal) for you to use physical force to defend yourself.