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a hunter is someone who knows how to live off the land
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    Mikash Blinov

    Mikash sheathed his katana after fencing with a dummy for an hour. He feels exhausted and thirsty. He mounts his horse and heads to the inn. He ordered his favorite drink and sat down to relax. Mikash overheard the inn keeper talk about reports of a wild beast roaming the woods nearby killing anything it sees. This brings back sad memories of his brothers death. Mikash finished his drink and mounted his horse and headed to his cabin. Mikash has decided once and for all that he will kill this beast. He grabs his quiver and bow and straps it to his back. He packed his camping and leather working gear, three bolts of linen cloth, some gear for traps and a painting of his brother. After locking up his cabin, Mikash traveled to the woods. As he was traveling, he could sense someone was near. He heard rustling of leaves and limbs. Mikash decided to unmount his horse to take a look around. He sees someone out of the corner of his eye trying to hide behind a bush. He unsheathes his katana and pointed it at the man in the bush. "Who are you and why are you following me?" he questions the man. The man said calmly. "I am one of King Johar Ulond's knights. I was sent to search for dragon tamers. There is much danger out here with a rampaging bear in the woods." Mikash nodded at the knight, put his katana away and introduced himself and says " You are wasting our time because I am not a dragon tamer". The knight then asks if he can travel with him through the forest. Mikash agrees and after the knight retrieved his horse, they began to ride together.

    As the sun was setting he set up camp he noticed there was a wild boar. He decides to hide behind a nearby tree and drew his bow. He draws back an arrow and releases it on the boar. The boar squeals in pain and takes off running. Mikash hunts the boar until it falls dead and stars to skin it. he then cuts the meat and prepares for drying. While the meat was cooking on the spit he heads to a nearby river and rinses off the blood off of it. He heads back to camp and rotates the meat from the boar. He cuts the meat with his katana and hands the soldier some and saved some as bait for the bear bear. As they were eating they hear a rustling sound in the trees and heard a faint growl. They both look back and grabbed there weapons, Mikash quickly made a trap with the rope he packed and quietly tied it to a tree and made a slip knot to trap the bear in. He sets the loop on the ground and set down some boar meat in front of it. A bear Jumped out of the trees and roared at the soldier and scratched his arm. the soldier fell to the ground. Mikash trapped the bears leg and shot arrows at the bear. The bear got close to Mikash and swiped his claws at him. Mikash quickly draws his sword and uses parry counter. the bear froze and Mikash stabbed the bear in the heart. The bear died and Mikash ran to the soldier. He looked at the wounds on the wounded knight arm he quickly cut some linen and wrapped it around his arm. "Take my horse and go to the nearest city or village and get medical aid." Mikash said. The knight was grateful and told him the direction to the nearest village where he could get his horse back. He then rode off to Itim. Mikash skinned the bear and went to the river. He washed the blood off of the pelt and cut off the fur of the bear skin then he made leather armor and packed up his camp site and made his way towards Itim.
    Somewhere in Elwynn Forest I am needed, My friends and I pledged to King Varian Wrynn Ill do my best to help the alliance win the war against the horde. And as a result if I am to die to protect the people of the alliance from the dreaded horde then make it so. shield against shield sword against sword, No matter what I lay my life on the line of war. For the alliance!

    My RP character:Mikhash
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