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Originally Posted by Scarf
Man, everyone is talking about this Smoothers Smulders person like she's famous and I had no idea who she was and had to look her up.
Yeah, 'Cobie Smulders' isn't exactly a name you expect to see up in lights lol. Even when we left our first screening of The Avengers, I was talking about Maria Hill and my friend asked me who the hell I was talking about and I replied "the one played by Robin Scherbatsky".

Originally Posted by Thomas
Truthfully, I'm not so sure about this show at all. I'd rather Joss create another original...but I guess if one of his show is back on TV...SHIELD will be good enough for me.
It will be original though, won't it? I mean, it'll feature characters that Joss didn't create, but there has never actually been a show or a comic or movie or anything like that which is actually about S.H.I.E.L.D, has there? They were just sort of always in the background of the super hero stores, as far as I understand it. It's certainly original enough for me!

He makes characters original anyway, even if they weren't originally his - as evidenced by the transformation of Black Widow from the two-dimensional killbot she was in Iron Man 2 to the fully-fledged character she became in The Avengers.

Originally Posted by Scarf
But, boy does it still amaze me that people can differentiate old actors when they all had to act similarly and dress similarly and there was just less variety of roles in Hollywood movies.
I honestly for the life of me cannot figure out why they call that the 'golden age of Hollywood'. Not one of those actors (Hepburn included, sorry Harlequin) would survive a day in the modern world of real acting through which Meryl Streep glides with relative ease.
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