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Originally Posted by Lady Gunner View Post
Second Repeat of Homestuck Upd8:

Pretty much still in Act 1 where we get to see Jade's present and John's server copy, the one that John wont get for another 4 acts and an intermission, for the first time. And while I was watching the part where John was outside and I saw

John's hand near the HOMESTUCK Title near the sun. Well maybe it was just me coz there was this white thing I dunno if it was John's hand or not.
On this reread I finally got a grasp of how little really happened in Act 1 and 2 and how much really happened in Act 3 and 4! Some of the most memorable parts of Homestuck. Like this one. And parts you almost forget but that become important on a reread. Like this one.

Also, yes. Look here. :)

What is the scariest part of Homestuck (in your opinion) ?

Seek the highblood was really creepy, but the scariest part by far is still this, imo. A page or two after [S] Cascade, called [S] Begin Intermission 2. I'm sure you all remember it. I watched it at 3 am or something. The honks made me so darn paranoid. Those honks. Horrorterrors aint got nothing against this. Basically, LE is one of the scariest characters ever, not just in Homestuck.

At what point in the comic did you feel the most anticipation?

It might have been when I first began reading Homestuck last summer and rather quickly skimmed through Act 1 and Act 2 with wild abandon and amusement. Then suddenly [S] WV: Ascend. Mind****, somewhat. The large scope of Homestuck suddenly struck me and I found salvation. Huss be praised. Epicness ahoy.

Also, now before the kids began to group up again I felt a lot of anticipation for how it was all going to go down ^^ And now we now and it's, uh, nothing like we expected. So. Ahaha.

And also I think I had a homestuckgasm when Dave and Rose ascended to got tiger.

Also. Wat.

And Cavalreaper, that looks like fun :) Ah, one of these days maybe I'll give up my non-nerd facade and go to a convention of some kind... Nah, not likely. But. It does seem like people have fun. Wouldn't dress up though ;p
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