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Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
It depends on your perspective really, but from my eyes Nintendo decided 'oh lets make this giant controller to fight the tablets' instead of actually fighting the other home consoles by making the Wii U's specs competitive for next gen, instead they seem more matched to competition with the 360 and the PS3. Therefore you could argue the lack of 3rd party support is justified as developers don't want to waste time on less powerful console. Their game will also be probably be less successful on Wii U due to the larger casual audience.

By putting the Wii U out there so early they basically have restricted themselves to using Mario alone to sell consoles. I suppose for many on here the Wii U is their perfect console, but for a wide amount of the gaming audience it's pretty poor.
I blame the overly ambitious innovation. Unlike the touch screen or motion control, this console hinges on something that most devs don't want to work with and don't even see catching on. Honestly, I wish that they had gone more traditional, 'cause heck, the tablet even scares me away. The only thing that really attracts me to the Wii U is X which, funnily enough, probably won't hinge on the tablet.

But I think this is the kick in the pants that Nintendo needs for 9th gen. They will change their game, they have to. I can't see things doing a 180 any time soon, if at all, and I actually think it to be better for them to do badly with this one because they do have the potential for high sales and popularity, as past generations have shown.
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