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Hack name: Mint Gren(a hack as my close friend's late birthday present)
Hack of: Firered
Information about the hack: It'll be the same as FireRed but with some notablr changes(as this is for a friend I wont go into huge detail cause it wont be up on here).
Finished percentage: With the mapping and all already laid out i guess 85%? Still need some battle changes(which i can do), maybe some postgame changes(again unless i come back), and the scripts need to be edited(which i can probably do).
Your hacking skills: Mapping, Scripting, Changing Battles/Evolutions.
What help or skill you're looking for: A Pokemon Sprite editor, I need Piplup's line in the game. (I tried to insert it already and mightve messed up Squirtle....)
Additional contact information: IMs AdventuresAgency on tumblr, or here on PM.
Additional information: Not sure what else to say, wanted to do this on my own but I need help with that one sprite that I cant get the color pallette on.

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