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    Shortly after arriving, two more teens followed. First there was Cody, who had absolutely nothing interesting about him. He was just plain boring. Afterwards, there was Fred, who looked like a spineless ninny. He was holding a camera, and took a picture without warning. The unexpected flash hurt Angie's eyes. Who even has flash on indoors? The boy apologized immediately, looking flustered, and moved over to where the others were.

    With everyone present and accounted for, Oak wheeled over to a large map of Kanto and began briefing everyone of what they were to do. They had to travel around the region and collecting badges from Gyms, which was a no brainier. However, the gyms had to be done in groups, which made Angie grimace. She couldn't just ditch these losers and do what she wanted. What a pain.

    After explaining the gym trials, Oak wheeled over to the container holding five Poke Balls. Now this was the good part. She really wanted the Eevee, but she was probably last in line. She just had to hope something would happen, and no one else picked it.

    Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, something did happen. There was another flash, this time not from Fred's camera, and Oak's Pidgeot cried out in pain. Quickly, a thick purple smog filled the room. Angie coughed and wheezed from the smoke, and she pulled her T-shirt up to cover her nose and mouth. She tried looking around, but she couldn't see anything. She could hear a lot of commotion though. Oak's wheelchair and the Poke Ball container crashed to the floor.

    "Target acquired!" Angie heard the voice clearly. It sounded like a woman, and not one she had met before. A gust of wind blew away the fog, and standing in front of them were several soldiers. The professor, along with his aides, were all tied up. One of the men was carrying Oak over his shoulder. These people were probably the new criminal gang she had heard about. All she knew for sure is that they meant business.

    With the smog cleared, Angie spotted the Poke Balls scattered on the floor. She instinctively grabbed the one closest to her. One of the man started to speak. He had a deep and gravely voice. "You kids are lucky, our missions are usually pulled of flawlessly and we're never seen. It's a shame, he wanted you five unharmed. But unfortunately I'm calling the shots here. Fire at will." The soldiers lined up into formation. There were five grunts, one for each of the trainers. How convenient.

    Angie tossed her Poke Ball, and out came an Eevee. She grinned. Just the Pokemon she wanted. The grunt across from her did the same, and a Bellsprout emerged from his Poke Ball. Neither of them had a type advantage, but she was perfectly fine with that. It would just be a good old-fashioned brawl.

    Taking the initiative, Angie made the first move. "Eevee, use Tackle!" the Eevee charged at the Bellsprout, barreling into it with full force.

    The grunt retaliated. "Vine Whip!" The Bellsprout used one of it's Vines to grab hold of the Eevee, so it couldn't escape. Then, it used the other vine to smack at him.

    "Quick, use Tail Whip!" Eevee wagged his tail back and forth, attempting to free himself from the vine. His tail ended up tickling the Bellsprout, which loosened it's grip and allowed him to escape.

    The grunt looked annoyed. "Use Growth!" The Bellsprout began focusing it's energy, and it's vines began to grow in size. They appeared even more powerful.

    "Sand Attack, Eevee!" Even though they were inside a building, Eevee somehow managed to kick up dirt into the Bellsprout's face. The soldiers must have brought in dirt from their shoes, because the floor was pretty clean before. It was probably best not to question it and just move on.

    In a rage, the Bellsprout used another Vine Whip, but ended up missing Eevee with it's impaired vision. "Didn't anyone tell you that it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it?" She taunted the grunt.

    "F*ck you, b*tch!" He shouted angrily.

    "Ooh, swearing, how original." Angie smirked. "Now let's finish this guy off with another Tackle!" Eevee ran at the Bellsprout once more and tackled it into the ground. It passed out from exhaustion.

    The grunt spat in disgust and recalled the Pokemon. "What a sh*tty Pokemon. Why did I have to get stuck with it?"

    "There's nothing ****** about that Pokemon." She protested. "You're just a sh*tty trainer!"

    "Well you're damn lucky that we're not supposed to kill you. If it wasn't for that, you'd be dead on the spot."

    "I'd like to see you try."

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