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Justine Granger & Cody Willingham

The air here was cool and the path luckily straight. Justine walked with her Squirtle held in her arms, having no others means since the destruction of his Pokeball. The previous time had been both frightening and ominous, but in some way they managed to survive them. News of the events was spreading, and fast. It didn't take long for her best friend, Mia, to find out. She just hoped the news would be slow reaching her parents. She traveled now with Cody, having asked him to travel with her. Everyone else had decided to go the journey alone. She had a number of reasons for wanting to travel in a group, for one, there was safety in numbers. Two, walking alone, to her, just seemed boring.

Cody led the way, with Pikachu perched on his shoulder. It was bonding exercise as Pokemon supposedly were more effective the more they trusted their trainer. At least that is what he read on the internet. He didn't mind really. Pikachu, so far, was a decent companion, if a bit too energetic for Cody's taste. Maybe his next Pokemon would be more relaxed. At least he hoped so. Cody picked up the pace, hoping to lose Justine slowly. He shrugged his shoulders in apathy when they established their little "friendship" but she didn't get the "Cody doesn't care" message which usually deters people until they prove to be interesting.

"How long do you planning on following me?" He turned and asked.

"Until north becomes south and the sun sets in the east." Justine picked up her pace, going into a short little trot until she walked next to Cody instead of behind him. "Why? I'm not killing you, am I?" She asked with an amused smile.

"I suppose not. Whatever then. I won't make any promises to be that exciting though. I don't have that youthful energy of the others. So if you expecting parties every day, don't. Figured I should warn you now," Cody said with a little sigh, with Pikachu staring at the Squirtle that she carried around with her.

"Yeah, I kind of figured there was no hidden dragon last year, sport." A moderate laugh came out of Justine. There were a lot of people who were well acquainted with the idea of "the kid who didn't do anything". "I think I can handle you, Cody." The Squirtle in her arms busied himself with staring at the grass on the ground or the flowers near by, still shaken, but recovering, from the lab's ordeal. His countenance was not sad, but neither was it happy or all together neutral. He simply tried to preoccupy his mind with things he'd never seen before.

"I am surprised you noticed anything about me. I tried to avoid developing any sort of reputation. Shame," Cody said with disappointment. "Well, since we are here we may as well catch or train some Pokemon. What do you say about splitting up for a bit and encounter some Pokemon on our own and meet up near the end of Route 1?"

"Split up? So you can collapse on the ground and fall asleep when you don't find anything? Staying together is better," and tons more fun at that. "And I might leave you behind, too."

"Damn. I really wanted a nap too..." Cody moaned. "Fine, I'll guess we'll stick together. Let's go look for some Pokemon then." Cody needed to build his team up. No way he could beat Pokemon trainers regularly with just a Pikachu, as much as he rather would. Less work to train one Pokemon than 6 or more. "Ready to go hunting? Or do you need to pretty yourself up a bit more?"

"Please, Cody," Justine grinned. "You can't get prettier than this."
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