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Cody Willingham- Route One

Mental note: Justine has something resembling either comparable wit to my own, ignorant bliss, or a developing ego. Requires more research to confirm. Could led to a desertion operation. Leaning towards to desertion operation #37A. Though #17C is a viable contingency plan should all else fail. Or effort will made to weather the storm and deal with humanoid presence in lieu of limited social interaction with speakers of same language. Language barriers are boundless and annoying.

Cody lost himself in his thoughts, jotting mental notes in his head as he walked along on the path of Route One, paying little attention to Justine behind him, the Pikachu cuddling in his hair or the world around him. Route One was far from interesting, with notable details worth mentioning. At least from Cody's perspective. But to be fair, he would say that about a lot of things. He would need something truly note worthing to grab his attention for more than a few moments. Reaching into his back pocket, Cody decided to play with his Pokedex acquired from the lab. Maybe it would be more useful than anticipated, Cody hoped. When it came to textbook knowledge on Pokemon and their growth, Cody was a borderline genius. He knew about most of what he could classify as a "good" Pokemon, paying little attention to what he deemed weak. Why? Easy answer: they don't interest him. The Pokemon challenge was something Cody wanted to win and you were going to do that with a poorly constructed team of near-useless Pokemon, unless of course they had potential. This inhibited Cody from catching Pokemon left and right, however. This would prove troublesome, especially in the beginning.

Cody pointed the Pokedex at Pikachu and got a basic profile on his Pokemon. Pikachu was level 9. Good. Early progress. Basic moves were learned and Pikachu seemed to have solid stats. Pikachu would be a good leader on his team…which needed to grow. Now.

Cody stopped abruptly on the path and looked around. He wasn't going to find a Pokemon sticking to the paths. Few Pokemon veered away from the natural fields, grass and wildlife of Route One. Sadly, Cody had to adventure out of his comfort zone of tranquility. With a sigh, Cody slid off the road into the grass, not caring if Justine was following or not. Cody perched himself on a low tree branch, possibly shocking Justine with his climbing ability, as given Cody's build any athletic ability was no doubt surprising. "I really wish I had binoculars," he mumbled to himself as he surveyed the area from his vantage point. Grass types would be impossible to see from here, but any other types would be easier…unless they adapted to the environment. "Nothing can be seen from there," Cody said with a grunt, as he seemingly fell to the ground. "I guess will have to move-" An angry bird descend from the brush of the tree, wailing on Cody's head like an intruder at a birthday party. While he did not scream, he did he moan and curse as the bird wailed on the hapless trainer.

With a growl, Pikachu scared the attacker away for a moment allowing Cody to catch his breath and Pikachu to prepare for another engagement. Cooler heads prevailing, Cody analyzed the situation not taking much time to figure out that the bird that attacked him was none other than a Pidgey and Cody may have disturbed a nest or a resting place of a very angry little Pidgey. Probably a younger one based on its aggressiveness. Didn't matter really. Cody found a solid addition to his team.

"Pikachu, use Thundershock," Cody ordered and without much hesitation, Pikachu charged up and fired a bolt of electricity at the bird Pokemon, that barely managed to fly out of the way in time to avoid the attack. The Pidgey replied with a sand attack, indefinitely prolonging the engagement. Tactical enough to realize Pikachu would miss his next attack because of the blinding dust storm, Cody advised his strategy a bit. "Pikachu, use Tail Whip to soften him up a bit." Pikachu leapt out of the sand attack and into the air, slapping the Pidgey with his tail bringing the flying type crashing to the ground.

Now as angry as ever, the Pidgey flew forth with a tackle, striking Pikachu squarely in the torso sending the Pikachu to the ground. "Heh, perfect. Static will kick in now." Pidgey was paralyzed and unable to move, making it easy pickings now. "Pikachu, use Thundershock again." Pikachu smiled as well, in sync with Cody's confidence. Firing another electric attack with glee, the Pidgey was fired to a crisp, severely weakened and paralyzed from the attack. Removing an empty ball from his bag, Cody tossed the Pokeball at the bird Pokemon, watching the ball shake on the ground, confident than he succeeded in his capture.

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