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    Originally Posted by Zorogami View Post
    Hey there and welcome to PC!
    I'm glad you found your passion for Hacks again, and there is definitely a lot of them around here, so make sure to try out a few!
    About your questions, It would be best if you posted them ((Wouldn't let me send link...)) which is dedicated to Questions about Emulation. This way, you can be sure someone who actually knows a solution is going to help you out ;)
    If you need anything else, contact a Mod, they always help out and are very nice people.
    Other than Hacks, PC has a lot of stuff to offer, so make sure you explore every forum :D
    Glad to have you with us, and again, welcome to pc!!
    Well thanks :)
    I know I missed them just I didn't really find the excitement. One that I played if you stopped at a few certain spots you were stuck! I really enjoy the storylines and puzzles. I've even concidered making my own storyline. I tried before and trust me I can get pretty creative, but the tools I used didn't work right.
    My first Pokemon game was Leaf green and then Ruby so I seem to enjoy those the most.

    I'll have to check that out and ask my question there, thanks

    Again thanks
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