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    Another update:
    -Went in to Celestial Tower and caught myself a Bronzor, named it seal
    -Unfortunately a Dugtrio wouldn't let Alpha Male escape and it got a critical hit with earth power to knock out Alpha Male
    -Then I forgot Seal was up front and a Zoroark showed up. The thing used pursuit when I switched out and Seal died :(
    -I finished off Celestial Tower with no other casualties thankfully
    -As I walked in to Iccirus City, I noticed the pond and I ran to it and an Aerodactyl appeared. Caught it and named her Amber
    -Beat Brycen pretty easily with Slot and Gary's hidden power steel :P
    -Went in to Dragonspiral Tower, saw an Archeops and it couldn't catch it because I had no balls :/
    -Finished off the tower with no casualties thankfully
    -Now I'm at the Relic Castle and saved
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