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Posted August 4th, 2019
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Darn. How could I missed this? Ah well, but hey, glad to see you again for what seems to be months of gathering dust. A lot of things kinda happen, but I guess this can bring me back to what I enjoy doing.

However, while I'm interested to join and almost had it ready, there are several things that I think needs to be clarified.
1. I'm kinda stuck with 'how to get to the region' part, like a mountain pass seems to be not enough. While it's true that it's possible to just leave the details in ambiguity, I feel it's kinda lacking and having them to be there right at the start is sort of odd unless it's actually a part of the prologue itself. Maybe that's just me being nitpicky, but the thing I want to ask is, how does one get there? And is it possible to have them live their history in the said region also?
2. What's the minimum age? Yes, I'm aware that youngsters won't live for too long, nor will elderlies (lol), but maybe it'd be nice to know.
3. How many Pokémon we can have? (Not counting the ones caught on later as the RP progresses, obviously.)
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