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First time RP'ing in many moons, let me know if my SU needs any work

Name: James Hendricks
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Appearance: A slightly tanned, six foot one brown haired man with a slim build, James doesn't particularly stand out in a crowd. James keeps his messy short brown hair underneath a plain black ball cap, always pointed forward. James' facial features add to his inconspicuous appearance. Faint, light blue eyes, a pointed jaw and a thin nose make up James' face, a faded brown goatee surrounding his thin-lippped mouth. James' usual attire consists of his black leather jacket, which he takes care of routinely, which he has owned for over ten years. Under that James wears plain white T-shirts, and wears faded blue jeans. James will wear his tan hiking boots when adventuring, and always keeps his gold watch his father gave him.
Origin: Goldenrod City, Johto
Strengths/Weakness: James is a very relaxed and reasoned person. He isn't the type to let his emotions get the best of him in most circumstances. However the death of his father crushed him emotionally, and even after four years he still feels the pain. James stays calm in the heat of battle, able to command his team no matter how dicey the battle may get. He will still take risks in life, and has had examples of it working for and against him. James is very secluded, choosing to only let a few people and Pokemon into his life. Once you are in his circle however, James is extremely loyal and will go to hell and back with his closest friends, family and his team of Pokemon. James is very quiet, choosing to let his actions do the talking as opposed to his words. He is almost never the one to introduce himself, as he would rather keep to himself.
Bio: Born in Goldenrod City of the Johto Region, the son of a welder and a secretary for The Silph Corporation, James Hendricks comes from humble roots. His childhood in the city wasn't extremely eventful. James kept his nose clean and did moderately well in school but was never an honour roll student.

His first experience in the world of Pokemon battling was a Eevee given to him by a family friend, which he would later evolve into a Vaporeon. Vaporeon and James have been together since, only not being a part of James' Pokemon teams in official Pokemon League battles as part of James' old duties as Goldenrod City's gym leader.

Following completion of high school, James went on tour as a Pokemon battler, getting all eight gym badges in Johto as well as making four unsuccessful attempts at the Elite Four challenge. James would spend five years travelling around the world, competing in contests and tournaments in Kanto, Sinnoh and Kalos. He supported himself from his winnings, and even got a TV appearance at the age of twenty-one from winning the Hearthome Classic Pokemon Tournament. James wouldn't reach that height of success or celebrity as a battler, but that win on his resume got him the gig as gym leader of his hometown Goldenrod City.

James sought out the job at the age of twenty-three when he received news that his father had been diagnosed with cancer. At first James was reluctant to give up his nomadic ways as a travelling trainer, but with his father very sick and his mother getting older he knew he had to return home and support the two people who raised him. James' father battled lung cancer for two years before finally succumbing to his illness. The loss shook James to his core, and at one point he considered retiring from his post as Goldenrod gym leader.

After a long conversation with his mother, James continued on as a gym leader, which he had turned into a steel gym instead of a normal type gym. James remodelled his team for his post, obtaining a Metang, a Steelix and evolved a Scyther he had into a Scizor. His Vaporeon stayed with him, but due to the rules of the Pokemon League James' Vaporeon never participated in battles that James did as Gym Leader. James would run the post for four more years, seeing many trainers come through, providing a challenge for young trainers following the same path James once did.

Recently, James had gotten bored of his role, and made plans to leave and go back to travelling the world like he used to. James had heard of the underground league in Ignea, and figured that it was the twist he was looking for, so he stepped down as Goldenrod's gym leader, sold his condo and made his way to Ignea.


Name: Metang
Species: Metang
Sex: N/A
Move Set: Zen Headbutt,Metal Claw, Double Team, Ice Punch

Name: Scizor
Species: Scizor
Sex: Male
Move Set: Agility, Aerial Ace, Fury Cutter, Bullet Punch

Name: Steelix
Species: Steelix
Sex: Male
Move Set: Rock Tomb, Crunch, Iron Tail, Sand Tomb

Name: Vaporeon
Species: Vaporeon
Sex: Female
Move Set: Aurora Beam, Water Pulse, Quick Attack, Aqua Ring
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