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    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post

    If you mean all the POKéMON in the Hevah Dex, could you state the unavailable POKéMON (except for the obvious Breatherna/Deazone)...?
    Well, the Elemental Monkeys aren't available in the wild. Sableye and Spiritomb are only found in the "evil" Lost Shadow, and when it returns to normal, you can't get them, since the "evil" Lost Shadow is inaccessible.

    Also, perhaps there could be a way to get all three of the Side-Exclusive Pokemon, like Dohydra, Suvir and Sprizzle in one game.
    And/Or perhaps a way to get Giratina & Shaymin. Just thinking.

    You can walk through this ledge.

    This rock's sticking out over the mist.

    EDIT: Just remembered something. Meltdown and Heaven Beam, Devihel and Angeallen's signature moves, have the same power (130) yet Angeallen's takes a turn to charge up.